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Energy management in precast concrete plant - a way to increase profits

published in CPI-Concrete Plant International issue 8/2005

Energy is not simply a fixed cost with progressive increases built in to it. An energy management system supported by technology can have a large influence. For example by linking up the power requirements of the production equipment in a pipe plant, it is possible to derive substantial profits from a closed energy system. This technique ca be used elsewhere, for example in a concrete paving-stone plant.

ifs_0405_eng.pdf Energy management in precast concrete plant
Potentials in curing

published in CPI-Concrete Plant International issue 1/2005

If the view is taken that the future development of the market for precast concrete element products is largely shaped by achieving more product-related, precisely formulated concrete properties, the manufacturing step of curing acquires a new weighting in the production process.

ortwein_0105_e.pdf Potentials in curing
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